1U Brush Panel Horizontal Grommet Strip Server Rack Cable Management Panel by CableRack

1U Brush Panel Horizontal Grommet Strip Server Rack Cable Management Panel by CableRack


Preserve precious cold air in the datacenter and re-direct air flow through your critical equipment, while reducing energy waste with our 1U brush grommet strip.  This cable grommet panel mounts horizontally, not vertical, in 19″ rail systems It fits perfect between devices to redirect the cold air intake across the network servers, routers, and switches. Any size datacenter deployment can benefit from rack mount cable management, using a brush strip greatly reduces energy costs and you’ll immediately notice lower cooling costs using these cable management grommet panels.


Many of todays top datacenter facilities feature a cold air aisle which provides a protected cold air space in front of the network equipment and exhausts the hot air out the rear.  Gaps left open between network gear commonly occur when you leave a space for routing cables. This brush panel acts as your network cable management path from the cold air aisle to the rear. Rack cable manager panels like this are absolutely necessary to create a professional finished look for your cable manager 1u applications.


If you’re already using D ring cable organizer panels, you can add this cable grommet just below the cable organizer rack and allow your rack accessories cables to pass through, while drastically reducing the cold air loss from the front of your network gear. This 1U cable management accessory is a must-have in cold aisle systems where your cable management rack or server cable management system is failing to provide necessary strain relief for copper wire and fiber cables. Make sure you have enough cable management 1u panel brush tools to provide a cable outlet without cool air loss.  Each new deployment you build, you’ll want this cable strain brush rack as part of your server rack accessories.

Add the professional look to your server rack and prevent cold air loss with the CableRack 1U brush grommet strip horizontal server rack cable management panel.
Cold air aisle datacenters focus cooling air to the front of your network gear. This brush panel prevents cold air loss between equipment and re-directs the cooling air through your servers, routers and switches.
Add this cable management strip to your existing wire management rack panels to compliment your rackmount gear and give the final product that clean finished professional look.
This pass through grommet panel measures 1U high (1.75″) x 19″ wide to fit all 19″ rack rail systems. It’s sturdy construction is made of steel for the frame and the bristles are made from polypropylene.
Whenever you need to route cables over or under a piece of equipment in the datacenter, deploy this rack cable organizer. Add this beautiful brush panel as part of your rack tools to improve the look.

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