Sake Warmer Twinbird Tw 4418b Osake Kan Portable Machine

Sake Warmer Twinbird Tw 4418b Osake Kan Portable Machine

<> Since the vessel of the alcohol which gave the paint of product appearance black which valued a peace atmosphere, and the appearance of a smallish main part make tradition of Japan dim and back up a peace atmosphere further, they can enjoy the peace heart thoroughly.
<> According to the kind of four-step temperature setting sake and liking which enjoy the difference in flavor thoroughly, temperature setting is possible to four steps.
The difference in flavor can be enjoyed.
Alcohol is set, a switch is turned on, and delicious alcohol is done, without heating too much in about 13 minutes.
Since it is with a keeping-warm function, the 2nd cup or subsequent ones can be deliciously drunk at the same temperature.
<> The piece of the vessel of easy-to-use lipped bowl alcohol adopts the vessel of good easy-to-use lipped bowl alcohol.
It can flow into a sake cup comfortably single hand.
Form like a pan is poured out from a sake bottle, and is easy to do.
It can use also for change alcohol, such as toasted blowfish fins in hot sake.
Since it can wash whole since fluoride processing is given to a main part attachment-and-detachment type and the surface, and it can wash firmly by sponge, the vessel of alcohol can be kept sanitary.
<> Pint bottle 1 duty of the optimal 1-go and half (about 300 ml) sake for an evening drink drinks off the vessel capacity of alcohol, and it is size.
<> Since it is not necessary to stand a seat at every another helping like the alcohol in the table type microwave oven which can be enjoyed thoroughly, alcohol can be enjoyed thoroughly.Sake Warmer

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