Software Project Management : A Unified Framework by Walker Royce (1998,…

Software Project Management : A Unified Framework by Walker Royce (1998,…

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Ano de publicação: 1998
Author: Walker Royce Idioma: Inglês


Software Project Management : A Unified Framework by Walker Royce (1998,…

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This text addresses the project management challenges of producing top-quality software on-time and within budget. As with many industries, managers in software development must keep their staff motivated, cost-justify their strategies, beat deadlines and balace budgets, but this becomes all the more challenging in an industry where terms, technologies and processes shift rapidly. This book explains the latest management strategies and techniques, and provides managers with the necessary background and insights to plan and execute a successful software project. The issues are addressed with reference to the object software development process and UML.

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ISBN-10 0201309580
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Author Walker Royce
Number Of Pages 448 pages
Series Object Technology
Format Hardcover
Publication Date 1998-09-10
Language English
Publisher Addison Wesley Professional
Publication Year 1998

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Copyright Date 1998
Illustrated Yes

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Group Scholarly & Professional

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LCCN 98-020071
LC Classification Number QA76.76.D47R69 1998
Dewey Decimal 005.1/2
Dewey Edition 21

Table Of Content
List of Figures. List of Tables. Foreword. Preface. I. SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT RENAISSANCE. 1. Conventional Software Management. The Waterfall Model. In Theory. In Practice. Conventional Software Management Performance. 2. Evolution of Software Economics. Software Economics. Pragmatic Software Cost Estimation. 3. Improving Software Economics. Reducing Software Product Size. Languages. Object-Oriented Methods and Visual Modeling. Reuse. Commercial Components. Improving Software Processes. Improving Team Effectiveness. Improving Automation through Software Environments. Achieving Required Quality. Peer Inspections: A Pragmatic View. 4. The Old Way and the New. The Principles of Conventional Software Engineering. The Principles of Modern Software Management. Transitioning to an Iterative Process. II. A SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT PROCESS FRAMEWORK. 5. Life-Cycle Phases. Engineering and Production Stages. Inception Phase. Elaboration Phase. Construction Phase. Transition Phase. 6. Artifacts of the Process. The Artifact Sets. The Management Set. The Engineering Sets. Artifact Evolution over the Life Cycle. Test Artifacts. Management Artifacts. Engineering Artifacts. Pragmatic Artifacts. 7. Model-Based Software Architectures. Architecture: A Management Perspective. Architecture: A Technical Perspective. 8. Workflows of the Process. Software Process Workflows. Iteration Workflows. 9. Checkpoints of the Process. Major Milestones. Minor Milestones. Periodic Status Assessments. III. SOFTWARE MANAGEMENT DISCIPLINES. 10. Iterative Process Planning. Work Breakdown Structures. Conventional WBS Issues. Evolutionary Work Breakdown Structures. Planning Guidelines. The Cost and Schedule Estimating Process. The Iteration Planning Process. Pragmatic Planning. 11. Project Organizations and Responsibilities. Line-of-Business Organizations. Project Organizations. Evolution of Organizations. 12. Process Automation. Tools: Automation Building Blocks. The Project Environment. Round-Trip Engineering. Change Management. Infrastructures. Stakeholder Environments. 13. Project Control and Process Instrumentation. The Seven Core Metrics. Management Indicators. Work and Progress. Budgeted Cost and Expenditures. Staffing and Team Dynamics. Quality Indicators. Change Traffic and Stability. Breakage and Modularity. Rework and Adaptability. MTBF and Maturity. Life-Cycle Expectations. Pragmatic Software Metrics. Metrics Automation. 14. Tailoring the Process. Process Discriminants. Scale. Stakeho

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