FixMeStick Virus Removal Device – Unlimited Use on up to 3 PCs for 1 Year

FixMeStick Virus Removal Device – Unlimited Use on up to 3 PCs for 1 Year

Your key to A fast and clean computer The FixMeStick is the world’s best-selling virus removal device. It’s the smart, simple, and safe way to clean a computer yourself. A plug-in USB device that scans your computer before it boots, The FixMeStick removes the infections that conventional Antivirus software often can’t detect. The FixMeStick updates itself automatically and is backed by amazing customer support. Keep your computer Fast, clean, and safe with the world’s leading virus removal device. What’s new: using the new and improved FixMeStick virus removal device is like scanning your computer with multiple different Antivirus programs at once. The FixMeStick device works before your computer boots, removing malware that conventional Antivirus software often can’t detect. Embedded multi-scanner combines industry-leading technology from avira, McAfee, and sophos. Now with network multi-scanner technology that Accesses even more engines over the internet to achieve up-to-the-second responses to the latest threats. Benefits: easy to use. We’ve designed FixMeStick to be effective and simple. Plug it into your computer and our proprietary technology does the rest. No slow down to your computer. With FixMeStick there is no software to install, passwords to remember, or downloading required. Updates automatically. Plug in FixMeStick and it will connect to your network and update with information about the latest threats. Amazing and free customer support via phone, email, and chat. Virus removal can be tricky, our dedicated team is here to help. System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10. Minimum 512 MB of RAM.KEEP YOUR COMPUTER: With FixMeStick you don’t have to replace your computer. You keep your files, and keep your privacy. The FixMeStick is like having your own IT department in the palm of your hand
SAVE MONEY AND TIME: A trip to the computer store can take several days and cost twice as much as FixMeStick. Run your FixMeStick in the comfort of your home to remove any viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware, and other malware lurking on your system
FREE AUTOMATIC UPGRADES: When you plug in FixMeStick, it automatically updates so it can remove the latest threats from your computer
THE FUTURE OF COMPUTER VIRUS REMOVAL: FixMeStick reboots your computer from a system on the stick, so that it can remove malware that got past your antivirus software. It uses industry-leading technology from Avira, McAfee, and Sophos plus even more in the cloud for up-to-the-second protection
VIRUS REMOVAL GUARANTEE: Comes with free customer support. Virus removal can be tricky and our Canada-based team is always here to help. Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. 512 MB RAM required

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