One-Eyed Kings: Lessons I Learned from an Incurable Disease

One-Eyed Kings: Lessons I Learned from an Incurable Disease

One-Eyed Kings informs, inspires, and even entertains while frankly and nimbly recounting the author’s confrontation with an unexpected, incurable foe. His rare disease does not reveal itself with the quick body punch of a heart attack. It creeps up slowly, renders legs unsteady and fingers ever less functional. When diagnosed, inclusion body myositis guarantees a years-long decline in mobility. Falling becomes the dreaded enemy. James V. McTevia makes peace with IBM, as its victims call the disease; but he wryly sums up human nature in the chapter heading: I’d Rather Not Have Inclusion Body Myositis. Have it he does, however, and his one-day-at-a-time philosophy translates to credible, well-spun advice for readers facing any adversity medical, financial, or spiritual. After a long career as a renowned problem-solver in the business world, the author found a problem he could do nothing about. It was his own problem, revealed when he discovered he could not fasten the top button of his shirt. One-Eyed Kings is a riveting reminder of perils lurking in ordinary life for all of us, and the inner will we must harness to address them. An afterword by Dr. Tom Lloyd, co-director of the Johns-Hopkins Myositis Center, provides a concise scientific overview and discusses prospects for new drugs that will help those stricken by inclusion body myositis, including 20,000 Americans.

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