3 Ornaments – ChipScapes Ornaments Established #six: Electronic Circuit Boards – Printed Circuit Boards

3 Ornaments – ChipScapes Ornaments Established #six: Electronic Circuit Boards – Printed Circuit Boards

Anybody who enjoys original, unique, and colourful artwork, specially those people who like desktops will delight in ChipScapes. If you think technological know-how is cool, these are for you!

About these ornaments
This is number six of 12 sets of ornaments that I offer you. There are three ornaments in each individual set. These ornaments are produced from electronic circuit boards. As soon as computer chips are done, they are put with other computer chips on a circuit board. The board’s function is to physically help the chips and join them together. Boards are produced in levels to enable the wires, or traces, to join the desired chips together without touching each individual other. The far more chips, the far more levels and copper traces essential. These boards are unused and have not experienced any chips put on them.

Here is a listing of the three ornaments in this set:
– The ornament with the red ribbon is from a fiber optics communications board.
– The ornament with the green ribbon is from a one board industrial computer.
– The ornament with the blue ribbon is from a computer graphics board.

What’s in the box?
To start with things initially, the box itself is produced with recycled craft paper with the ChipScapes title on the top. The box is sealed with a gold elastic tie, all set to be offered as a reward! To start with in the box is an details card about generating chips and ChipScapes, hand signed by the artist. Up coming you will come across a credit card sized Fresnel 3X magnifying glass to intently notice your ornaments. Then each individual ornament is individually packaged in a resealable bag with a card to defend the ornament. The backstory and technological know-how of each individual ornament is included in the bag (struggling with the again). It also has a photograph of the ornament, so you can place the ornament again in the correct bag. Also, in the bag is a piece of anti-tarnish paper to continue to keep your silver ornament clean when it is in storage.

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