Practice-Based Clinical Inquiry in Nursing: Looking Beyond Traditional Methods for PhD and DNP Research

Practice-Based Clinical Inquiry in Nursing: Looking Beyond Traditional Methods for PhD and DNP Research

Meticulously compiled to serve the specific needs of APRNs and nurse executives engaged in doctoral-level research, this text provides evidence-based and practice-based scholarly methods not traditionally taught in PhD or DNP programs. Building on and expanding traditional nursing research methods, the bookfocuses on both existing and evolving methods of clinical inquiry, some of which incorporate technology and knowledge from other disciplines. These areapproaches that can be translated into clinical practice, providing the nursing profession with unprecedented opportunities for collaboration in improvinghealth and health care systems. Methods include quality improvement, implementation science, logic models, program planning and evaluation, patient-engaged and community participatory research, dissemination research, big data, comparative effectiveness research, secondary analysis, and systematic reviews.

Chapters provide clear guidance on why and how to use a particular method, and are consistently organized to enable a comparison and contrast of different approaches in order to select the one that best fits a particular research need. The text highlights the importance of each approach, and discusses why touse a particular method for doctoral nursing work. Chapters describe how to apply the method along with how to interpret findings and disseminate them. Thedescription of each method concludes with examples from the published literature. Practical tips for impact and success in research and program proposals increase the text value.

Key Features:

  • Presents research methods specifically for doctoral-level evidence-based and practice-based clinical research
  • Describes interdisciplinary health care methodologies focused on evidence-based improvement in health care
  • Offers practical information on benefits and use of each method
  • Provides examples of each method from published literature
  • Written by experienced academic and practice scholars from across the United States

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